The 4 Consulting Philosophies

consulting advice Jan 29, 2021

There are four ways to think about your overall approach to consulting and offering agency services. Here they are, in equal order of importance: 

Value trumps fee

2 measures of improvement:

  1. objective (profit, margin, sales market share) and subjective (stress reduction, lighter workload) business improvement
  2. the speed of improvement – the quicker you can improve their condition, the more valuable you are. 

Charging by an hourly fee: You can charge more by being slow. That’s an unethical consulting model.


Your time equals money

4 ways to reduce your time investment

  1. Deal only with decision makers. owners
  2. Set up processes for your work – onboarding / kicking off clients, deliverables, and for follow up (monthly meetings)
  3. Use the client’s resources.
  4. Outsource


You must create conceptual agreements with the client

  • Agree on objectives – Overarching goals such as sales, showing up on page one of Google, new website look, beating...
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